Reset with Linda


It is no accident that you have stumbled across JOY Uncensored, for there are no accidents in the Universe, only aligned timing. 

You don’t have to fully know why you are here or articulate what to say. 

You just have to know something doesn’t feel right anymore.

Something’s got to change, 

Please tell me there’s a way out of feeling so uncomfortable. 

Tell me there’s a light at the end of this tunnel I’ve been living in 

and that things can get better. 

Yes, there is a light and what you are seeking is absolutely possible,

if that is what you wish.

In fact, It’s closer to you than you think.  


You’re going to feel vulnerable, and this is ok. 

Vulnerability has been inverted to be deemed weak, 

when really it’s a superpower. 

Why are we so afraid to feel vulnerable? 

Massive shame, guilt, and fear programming -

that was never yours to bear. Never.

Now is the time.

The world is in chaos right now but this is always 

the precursor to great transformation. 

A dismantling of the old to usher in the new. 

Come back to yourself. 

Trust and feel safe again. 

Reconnect to the profound love that you are.

Reawaken your inspired purpose for being here. 

Impact the world profoundly. 

Thank you for being here at this most extraordinary point in history.

It’s time to turn the tide.

Linda is highly discerning with whom she chooses to work with. 

If you are:

  1. Longing for deep transformational change. 

  2. Ready to embrace & clear the shame and guilt you have felt for a long time, and so afraid to express. 

  3. Be open to the understanding that this guilt and shame was truly never yours to bear, and you can be freed of it if this is what you wish. 

  4. Be ready to put it out on the table once and for all - so you can activate your healing and free yourself to EXPANSIVELY LIVE. 

  5. Show up for yourself. This is the highest form of radical self-love, self-care. Showing up for yourself is not selfish (inverted distortion program). It is your highest service to humanity.

  6. Deem yourself worthy enough to do this most precious and valuable inner work BECAUSE deep down within your heart and soul, you know it is what you must do. 

  7. Know you have more to give to humanity and you can’t fully give, in the way that is now being asked of you, without the purest of integrity.

  8. You will be cracked wide open, one step at a time. Linda holds you safely through the entire process. 

Chatting with Linda never feels like therapy for there is nothing wrong with you and there never was. This is absolute truth. 

Linda is deeply intuitive and compassionately understanding. Her chats feel more like speaking to a trusted, easy-to-talk-to friend offering insights and understandings you hadn't thought possible. She is a trusted confidante if you will. 

Her chats leave you feeling hopeful and invigorated, and you will always leave with tools to assist you. This is about empowerment and never about being reliant on the practitioner, ‘guru / codependent mentality’. The intent is for you to have a maximal experience in the least amount of time.

That you are somehow inherently wrong, regardless of what you have or have not done, is a long-held, deeply embedded distortion program. It is time for this to be debunked and debugged once and for all.

Your unique blueprint, gifts, talents, skills, and way of giving from your heart, is deeply needed where we are going. 

Let’s not waste any more precious time. 

Let’s begin now.

Linda Anderson, CASLC, CSLC