Self-Care: A New, Simpler Way

The oh so popular phrase, self-care, has become a trending topic you see hashtagged with photos of bubble baths and beauty products.

Spa days and beauty regimes could be a form of self-care, but what if we thought of self-care as simply giving yourself permission to feel good?

We live in a time where we run ourselves ragged thinking that we always must be doing something. If we have any down time, it needs to be filled with projects, chores, side hustles, and whatever the latest health trend is. What if we used that time to stop doing and simply be? Time to just embrace the present moment, bring awareness to your body and your surroundings, and simply soak it all in.

I propose a new meaning of self-care where we release the energetic ties of obligation. Where we give ourselves permission to do what feels good and forget about the to-do list for a bit.

Maybe self-care is allowing yourself to be selfish. To do something just for you - not for your partner or kids or employer - but for you!

There is no rule that states that every spare minute must be filled with something productive. Slow down, savor the moment and do whatever it is you feel like doing, even if that means doing nothing.

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